Why Music is Useful

Songbuds simply love music and wish to encourage children from an early age to love music, enjoy listening to it and have fun making it.

By performing a series of sing-a-long action songs, rhymes and chants along with movement and rhythm, use of specialised musical equipment and props, percussion, sound recordings, puppets, toys, movement, art and visual aids we have created a new and exciting individual musical experience for your children.


Why music is useful to do this?

We believe music and communication go hand in hand.

When you talk your speech has a rhythm, we use syllables to make up words, words to make sentences so we can express our feelings & emotions to others.


  • we have tempo, (go fast, slow)
  • dynamics, (quiet loud)
  • we have melody when we speak, (our voices go up and down with emotions – happiness, anger, sadness)


Music is an international language – it has no language barriers. We often sing nonsense songs (such as calele, tak tak, ma, mae, me) that speak no actual language but use the same vowels and consonants as speech.


Our songs and actions are based around traditional songs (such as nursery rhymes) and specially written songs because


  • they have simple tunes (their natural melodic flow)
  • simple use of language
  • lots of repetition
  • accompanying actions to aid memory
  • vast areas of expression
  • they’re easy to remember
  • fun to sing
  • and have the same attributes as speaking


But it’s so much more fun to sing than to speak – this is why children benefit from these sessions as they are unconsciously developing their speech and language skills, building a love for music, and enjoying themselves all at the same time.


Your children are amazing! They sing so freely and without barriers or embarrassment. All children will benefit from real musical instrument play time and live interactive musicians to help create a thirst and love for music in their lives, to offer the opportunity for creative expression and to open doors and fuel their appetite to enjoy more musical experiences as both youngsters and adults.