Information For Parents

Song sheets are emailed and given out at sessions, we will learn new songs together as the weeks go by aiming to expand your repertoire for home singing and night time lullabies.

The duty of care for children attending sessions at Songbuds rests with the parents or guardians of those children. Parents and guardians are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of children in their care.

Parents must participate in all activities. Classes are both for children’s enjoyment and for parents to learn activities

It is normal for children to be less responsive during class and more responsive at home, especially when starting out. Parents can learn activities so they can share them with children during more receptive times at home.

Children may roam during class as long as they don’t divert other children’s attention, periodically gently coax them back to session activities, but don’t worry – there is no need for your child to participate untill they are ready.

All children develop at different stages so we will praise all children no matter how they respond and aim not to compare achievements

Please try not to chat with other parents too much during activities, please focus on your child; we will have loads of time during coffee and musical play to catch up!

Try not to eat/drink during activities unless your child really needs to. Also please no running when instruments are around.

Newsletters will be sent out periodically informing of new session dates, details on upcoming live performers, new ideas, child development information and future offers. We will also be regularly updating our twitter and facebook pages so keep looking for news and photos!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please email me at so I can respond effectively as I may not have time at the end of each session to answer your questions fully. (If you have any comments of a safety nature please feel free to discuss them with me immediately.)