Areas of Learning and Development

We aim to cover during our sessions as many of the Governments Learning and Development Guidelines for the Early Years Foundation Stage as we can. We constantly observe, assess, review and make changes to our sessions and planning process to provide a better service.

Some of the areas of Learning and Development covered at Songbuds sessions.

confidence in singing, humming, feeling music
repetition, rhyming, patterns, memory
pitch, tempo, dynamics etc
melody, harmony, solo and group
different cultures and styles
live musical experiences
musical instrument experimenting


spacial awareness
body parts
balance & co-ordination
feelings and others feelings & emotions
senses stimulation
physical exercise
direction, speed, stillness, expression


letters and words (language)
numbers, colours, shapes
nature and the environment
the world around us
weather & terrain
clothing and materials
those that help us
growing and change


working together & sharing
promoting kindness
imagination and play
exploring new things
concentration and involvement
creating own ideas and ways to play
encourage listening and appreciating  silence
comfort and soothing


All children have musical potential; it’s never too early and never too late to introduce our children to music.

In 1983 Howard Gardner, Harvard Professor and writer proposed the theory of multiple intelligences. It breaks the thought of us having one single overall ability of intelligence into 7 different specific ‘intelligences’.

  • Language
  • Mathematical
  • Kinaesthetic (body)
  • Musical
  • Visual (spatial)
  • Interpersonal (interaction with others)
  • Intrapersonal (self)

Children need to experience each of these 7 intelligences to develop wholly therefore children’s brains need music to develop.   Musical intelligence has been described as recognising sounds, tone, beats and rhythm and music.  Music will be our tool to help develop children’s cognitive skills using musical activities such as counting and creating rhythm, rhyming and remembering words, movement and co-ordination, tonal and singing. We aim at Songbuds to assist your child’s multiple intelligence development in all the different intelligences during our sessions.

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